Residential Decorative and Privacy Window Film

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Residential Decorative and Privacy Window Film

Window tint for your home no longer means thin pieces of self-applied sheets that peel off or bubble.

At Tint Crew we are window tinting experts.  We provide high quality professional installation of residential window film products.

Benefits of Residential Window Film

Energy Efficiency

UV Protection

Glare Protection

Places to Use Window Film in Your Home

Kitchen Cabinets

No more fingerprints and smudges.  Window film is an easy to clean decorative solution for any kitchen.

Frosted Side Windows

Are you looking for more privacy from your neighbours, but don’t want to keep opening and closing your window coverings?

Frosted films offer privacy while still allowing light into your home.

There are many decorative options available.

Frosted Bathroom Windows

If there is one place in a home that needs more privacy it is the bathroom.

Curtains in a room with all that moisture is not a great option.  Adding a decorative or privacy window o your bathroom is an ideal solution.

Shower Doors

Adding window film to glass shower doors is an ideal way to increase privacy.

Exterior Doors

Integrating privacy window film to your front door or exterior windows upgrades curb appeal and offers more privacy.

It also helps regulate the temperature of your home, making it more energy efficient.

Book a Free Residential Window Film Consultation

Interested in learning more?  Connect with Tint Crew to book your free no obligation consultation. We will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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