Is Commercial Window Film Right for Your Office?

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Is Commercial Window Film Right for Your Office?

There are many benefits for commercial window film.  Window film increases privacy, reduces glare, increases efficiency and offers aesthetic value.

Here are some of the benefits:

Increased Privacy in Conference Rooms Without Losing Light

Frosted window film adds a new layer of privacy to conference rooms and private offices without a decrease of light.  Frosted window films also add to the aesthetic of any office space.

Privacy films are available in a variety of patterns and shades to match the décor of any office.

Adds a Professional Aesthetic to Your Office Space

Add customized designs for cubicles and other office spaces.  There are many options to choose from.  The subtle patterns help tie your space together.

Decorative window film can be applied on an entire window or as a partial design.

Reduces Glare

Adding tint to commercial windows decreases the glare on computer monitors.  Tinted window film also reduces UV rays’.  Consider adding tinted window films to rooms that have large windows to help employees stay productive regardless of the time of day.

Helps Keep a Comfortable Temperature Throughout the Office

UV Blocking Commercial Window Film helps maintain a comfortable temperature.  Employees will be comfortable during any season.  It also helps to save on your electricity bills.

Increased Safety with Security Window Film

Commercial security film creates a layer of protection to strengthen glass during break-ins, vandalism, or damage from storms.

Protection film helps keep broken glass intact.  It keeps the shards together and helps to prevent injury from flying glass debris.

The film also slows down an intruder giving you time to react.

Add Branding to Your Front Entrance

You can incorporate your logo into the glass with commercial window film.

Assist your customers in identifying that they are in the right place and showcase your business with a sense of professionalism.

Book a Free Window Film Consultation

If you’re considering adding commercial window film to your office space, contact Tint Crew for a free consultation.

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