Automotive Tint and Paint Protection Film Edmonton

Residential Decorative and Privacy Window Film

Window tint for your home no longer means thin pieces of self-applied sheets that peel off or bubble. At Tint Crew we are window tinting experts.  We provide high quality professional installation of residential window film products. Benefits of Residential Window Film Energy Efficiency UV Protection Glare Protection Places to Use Window Film in Your…
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Is Commercial Window Film Right for Your Office?

There are many benefits for commercial window film.  Window film increases privacy, reduces glare, increases efficiency and offers aesthetic value. Here are some of the benefits: Increased Privacy in Conference Rooms Without Losing Light Frosted window film adds a new layer of privacy to conference rooms and private offices without a decrease of light.  Frosted…
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Protecting Your Vehicle with Paint Protection Film

This auto upgrade helps to maintain the value of your vehicle. Other than purchasing a home, buying a vehicle has always been considered one of the biggest investments people make during their lives. Unfortunately, that’s becoming increasingly true whether you are buying a new vehicle or a used one. With automotive part shortages depleting new…
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DIY Window Tinting Considerations

The process of applying window tint can take between two to four hours, sometimes longer, and can get expensive. Although it is possible to do it yourself to save on the cost of labor, there are some issues to consider before you decide to apply a car window tint yourself versus hiring a professional. The…
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Why Paint Protection Matters

Protecting your vehicle’s paint doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. Here is why paint protection is important. Not only are cars one of the biggest financial investments we all make, but they are something we connect with on a very personal level. Many car owners form a bond with their vehicle that transcends…
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