Ceramic Window Tint

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Ceramic Window Tint

LLumar automotive window tint uses a variety of technologies to counter the undesirable side effects of the sun, such as irritating eye glare, harmful UV ray exposure, scorching hot surfaces and AC that feels like it isn’t even running.

For a custom look and top-level performance, the solution is ceramic window tint.

Tintcrew only uses LLumar ceramic tint products because it is a superior product.  It begins with a similar ultra-thin material as other tint products.  But what separate LLumar from other companies is the coating of microscopic nano-ceramic particles invisible to the eye, yet are powerful enough to reduce glare, as well as block 99% of damaging UV rays and handles the suns most heat generating infrared rays.

This cutting-edge technology makes a significant difference in how fast our car is able to cool down keeping you and your passengers more comfortable.

LLumar offers various levels of heat fighting power.  A wide variety of shards are also available allowing you to completely customize the look of your vehicle.

Tintcrew is one of LLumar’s SelectPro Dealers because they are recognized for their expert installation, professional service as well as fantastic results.

Call Tintcrew today to learn more about this superior product. Your car deserves nothing but the best.

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