Benefits of Tinted Windows for Your Home

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Benefits of Tinted Windows for Your Home

Want to reduce glare, have more privacy, improve energy efficiency and increase the safety and security as well as comfort in your home?   Residential Window Tinting could be right for you.

Tinting the windows of your home offers an invisible layer of protection. There are various types of window film and tint to choose from.

Benefits Include:

  • Reduced Glare

Love natural light, but not while trying to watch tv?  Trying to work from home on your laptop or computer only to have to close the blinds or curtains because you are unable to work?

Adding window tint helps prevent glare while still letting in natural light, allowing you to still enjoy the view of the outdoors.

  • Privacy

Increased privacy. You can select from various shades of darkness to suit your individual needs.  Customize the level of privacy your family desires.

A light tint yields some privacy while reducing glare, while darker tints offer complete privacy allowing nobody to see into your home.

  • Energy Efficiency

Energy costs continue to rise. Many families are looking for ways to reduce energy consumption in order to lower the costs of utilities.

Adding window tint to windows that have long sun exposure helps to keep your home cool in the summer and warmer during the winter months.

Not having to run the air conditioner as often, or crank the heat in the winter offers some savings on your utility bill.

  • Safety and Security

Windows are a vulnerable place in your home. During a storm, flying objects can break the glass.  An intruder can gain access to your home by breaking a window.

Window films protect your home by holding the shards of glass together, preventing glass from shattering on impact.

  • Protecting the Interior of Your Home

The UV rays from the sun can damage or prematurely age furnishings, flooring and artwork.

Window tinting stops UV rays from coming into the room, protecting the interior from UV damage.

Preserve your priceless heirlooms, artwork, newly installed hardwood floor or dad’s favourite chair. Window film is a cost effective and low maintenance solution to protecting your home and valuables.

If you would like to improve the comfort of your home and have peace of mind of added safety and security for your family, call Tint Crew today for a free no obligation consultation.

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